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Rising Star Award - North India
Rising Star Award - East India
Rising Star Award - South India 
Rising Star Award - West India

These four awards are available individually for partnership. They recognise up and coming cake artists across India who are stars of the future!


Wedding Cake Award in partnership with Fondbites, School of Sugar Art

This category recognises the very best in wedding cake design.

Sculpted Cake Award 

This award is given to an artist who shows flair with carved/structured cakes.


Sugar Flowers Award 

This category recognises beautiful sugar flowers. Traditionally on wedding cakes, sugar flowers are a perfect decoration for any celebration cake. 


Modelling Award

This category recognises skills in modelling decorations with edible mediums like fondant and chocolate. 

Cake Maker Award in partnership with 7SUGARLANE

This award is given to a cake artist who demonstrates exceptional skills for all kinds of celebration cakes. 

Cream Cake Award 

This category recognizes excellence and skill in non-dairy whipping cream decorations on celebration cakes.


Hero Award in partnership with TaYa Sugarcrafts

The industry is full of fabulous, creative, and fascinating people. Vote for the one that inspires you the most or just someone who is a credit to our community for sharing knowledge, supporting, or is an all-around great person.

Personality of the Year Award in partnership with Kruti Art of Baking

This exciting award allows you to pick your favorite cookie and cake artist. Tell us who you think is deserving of this award! The winner will be based on the number of votes after short-listing the finalists. 


Product Recognition Awards 

With so many amazing products in the market, these awards will recognize the best that India has to offer! Up to 10 products, from different companies, will be recognized this year. 


Best Academy or Institution Award 

This award recognises the work and professionalism of all baking/cake decorating institutes/academies across India. The winner will be based on the number of votes after short-listing the finalists. 


Best Teacher Award 

This category awards the best teacher of cake decorating classes in India. The winner will be based on the number of votes after short-listing the finalists. 


Best Display Creation Award 

This award celebrates the amazing creations made for shows and events, celebrating those larger than life cakes and creations. 


Indian Industry Icon of the Year 2023 in partnership with SUGARIN

This special award is to recognise outstanding skills and contribution in the Indian market. 


Purchase tickets to the awards -, Grace Banquet Hall, Andheri West, Mumbai

7th OCTOBER,2023


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