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Cakeology in association with Cake Masters Magazine India bring you the very first Indian Cake Awards (ICA) at the 5-star Hotel, Trident, Bandra Kurla, Mumbai on the 21st September 2019. 


The ICA 2019 will be an annual event bringing together bakers, cake artists and businesses from across India for one night to celebrate and recognise talent in this brilliantly creative industry. 


Cake Masters Magazine who are renowned for their own global awards in the United Kingdom will support and help us in organising these awards dedicated to cake artists and bakers in India only. We look forward to sharing details of our esteemed panel of judges, who include some of the most recognised and celebrated Indian artists in the world of cake decorating and pastry. 

The Event

  • The Indian Cake Awards 2019 will be held on the 21st September 2019 at the Trident Hotel, Bandra Kurla Complex

  • The event is not suitable for children and babies – children over the age of 16 will need to purchase a ticket, no discounts are available

  • This event is strictly ticketed and no tickets will be available at the door

  • Tickets include welcome starters, awards ceremony, buffet dinner and after-party with DJ

  • There will be a cash bar available for drinks

  • Tickets can be purchased from or

  • No refunds

  • Dress code is strictly formal black tie


  • Nominations can be made via the online nominations form; you can nominate yourself in any of the categories, there is space on the forms to put details of creations made – should you wish to send in any supporting information, please send to

  • The nominations process allows you to nominate any creator based in India

  • Nominees must reside in India, proof of residence will need to be confirmed when finalists are contacted

  • There is no cost to nominate

  • One nomination form per person, any duplicate forms will be disregarded

  • Should you have any queries or need help filling in the form, please email

  • Once nominations close, a shortlisting process will happen

  • All nominations are considered in the lengthy shortlisting process undertaken by the Indian Cake Awards team – shortlisting for skills based categories is NOT based on the number of nominations received

  • The shortlisting process involves going through each and every nomination form and carefully considering the work of nominated artists including any extra supporting information sent in

  • Shortlisted finalists are then contacted and will need to provide a portfolio of work which will be judged by our panel of esteemed judges

  • For more information about how finalists are selected for non-skills based categories, please see below

Judging Process

  • Our panel of judges have been selected to provide a cross section of experience and opinion and are key shapers of the Indian industry and what it is today

  • Judges have the ability to put names forward for any category to be considered as part of the shortlisting process

  • Following a shortlisting process by the ICA team, judges will be presented with a portfolio of work against each skills based category, all judges will score the portfolios and the winner will based off the highest score

  • Judges will pick the winners for skills based categories which are as follows: Wedding, Sculpted, Sugar Flowers, Modelling, Cake Maker and Fresh Cream Awards – please see notes of other categories and how they will be judged

  • Judges who have declared brand affiliations and links to any businesses, will not in any way be involved in any category where bias can be formed or links can be made to a finalist or finalist’s business

  • Judges cannot be nominated for the skills based awards


  • Partners have no influence on the judging process

  • Partners pay ICA & Cakeology a fee for partnership, these fees are used for holding the event and expenses associated with ICA 2019 event costs

  • Partners have the same chance as non-partner companies in taking part in the Indian Cake Awards

  • Partners do not have an advantage in being a finalist or a better chance of winning

  • Thank you to all partners for supporting creators in the industry and allowing us to organise this event to celebrate and recognise talent in the industry

  • For information about partnership opportunities, please phone +91 9987025505 or +91 9820087256

Rising Star Award

  • To encourage creators in the industry, we aim to have a maximum of eight finalists per zone in India – this is depending on the nominations received

  • This award is split into 4 please see which location applies to you:

  • Rising Star North - Uttar Pradesh (U.P), Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu Kashmir

  • Rising Star East - Bihar, Orissa, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura

  • Rising Star South - Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Lakshadweep

  • Rising Star West - Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Goa and Daman & Diu

  • You may nominate yourself for a Rising Star Award, please provide supporting information about your journey and reasons why you deserve to win

  • Teachers and mentors can put students or creators forward for this award, please provide supporting information about why they are worthy of the award

  • Shortlisted candidates will be asked to undertake an interview which will be recorded for the judges to help in their decision

Cake Maker Award

  • This award will be given to a creator who makes cakes for a whole range of occasions from wedding, sculpted, birthday and more – the portfolio submitted to the panel of judges will include cakes for all occasions


Hero Award

  • This award will be based on the nominations and feedback given on the nominations forms, not on the number of nominations and not judged by the panel

  • Heroes must reside in India

  • Judges on the panel can be put forward for the Hero Award

Mahek's Atelier Pastry Chef Award 2019

Pastry Chefs can nominate themselves with supporting information about training and qualifications

  • A personal statement will be required

  • Teachers and mentors can put students forward for this award

  • Finalists will be invited to take part in a day assessment at Mahek's Atelier. A brief of what needs to be created will be provided to finalists  – Date of assessment TBC

  • Finalists will be required to bring planning notes for the judges to see on the day of assessment - Date of assessment TBC

  • The winner of this award in association with Mahek's Atelier will be announced on the evening of the award

Best Product Award

  • This is open to products manufactured in India

  • Products will be shortlisted from the nominations form, please let us know why you feel the product you are nominating is deserving

  • Companies and brand may also nominate their products

  • After the shortlisting process based on the nominations received, product finalists will be contacted to send in samples of products to be part of testing

  • Assessment of products is undertaken by a panel of ten Indian based cake artists of professional skill and each product will be tested against various criteria – a few examples of this are: quality of product, ease of use, etc.

  • The testing panel is separate to the judging panel for skills based categories

  • A report will be submitted by each tester and the product with the best overall feedback score will win


Best Retailer Award

  • This is open to any online or physical shop based in India only

  • This category is based on the number of nominations received


Best Guild Award

  • This is open to any guild or community based group in India only

  • This category is based on the number of nominations received


Best Academy or Institution Award in partnership with Ultimakes

  • This is open to any academy or institution that offers education or training in India

  • This category is based on the feedback received on the nominations forms

  • Details of why an academy or institution deserves to win must be written on the nominations form

  • Academies or institutions can nominate themselves and provide details of why they think they should win

  • Finalist academies or institutions will be requested to supply information about their facilities and student feedback will be requested


Best Online Education Award

  • This category is for platforms that provide online education in video, PDF or digital format

  • Following the shortlisting process, finalists will need to provide logins so that learning can be assessed

Indian Industry Icon of the Year

  • Suggestions for this award can be made via the nominations form – the winner is picked by the ICA Team



  • Nominations OPEN 17th May 2019

  • Nominations CLOSE 5th July 2019

 The deadline may be extended at the discretion of the ICA Team



  • Will be contacted and informed of the next steps

  • Will be required to submit a portfolio of work that best represents the category they are a finalist in

  • Will need to prepare a few words to say on stage – winners will also be interviewed for a feature in Cake Masters India

  • If unable to attend the awards ceremony in person, finalists will be required to submit an acceptance video and your award will be mailed out

For any further questions, please email the team at

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